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The Gloster Strut

Gloster Strut

Chairman –

Mike Waldron,  built and flies a 7/8th scale replica of an SE5A WWI fighter, and is currently whittling away at a Pietenpol Air Camper.  

He’s also our BBQ chef

Membership Secretary – Harry Hopkins helped in the building of an RV-4.  As he founded the Strut in 1993 he’s now been put out to grass with the title of Hon President.

Treasurer –

Bruce Morris,  built and flies a Europa and now counts our pennies.

Newsletter Editor – Tim Houlihan  Yet another Europa builder/flier he gets to prepare and circulate the newsletter, when he’s not flying

Member sans portfolio – Peter Lewis In an earlier life he flew people across the World in a BA Jumbo. (Actually, he was a big cheese in BA but we pretend he’s just like the rest of us).

Microlight Liaison Officer -  Andrew John built and flies a Himax microlight.  He’s also a member of the Severn Valley Microlight Club and makes sure we both sing from the same hymn sheet.


Strut Sommelier & Fly Out Organiser – David Joyce another Europa builder/flier.  He leads our flying excursions and selects excellent wines for our parties